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What is aquatic therapy [Hydrotherapy]?

Aquatic Therapy is a therapeutic treatment that involves moving and exercising in water using the properties of water to help reduce pain and stress on joints. It may be of benefit if you suffer from, or are recovering from:

  • -back pain
  • -rheumatic pain
  • -arthritic pain
  • -following orthopaedic surgery (to increase range of movement in joints and build up strength in muscles)
  • -muscle or ligament injuries
  • -orthopaedic problems, eg; post-fracture injury


Warm-water hydrotherapy pool, giving patients from Brentwood, Romford and the surrounding areas access to our facilities from Monday to Friday.

Hydrotherapy can improve mobility and power as the water can either provide assistance or resistance in order to strengthen muscles. It often enables the individual to achieve more movement than would normally possible on dry land.

Hydrotherapy can be used:
  • -to ease symptoms of joint conditions such as osteoarthritis
  • -for rehabilitation after an operation (such as a hip replacement, knee arthroscopy or spinal surgery)
  • -as part of a general rehabilitation programme following an injury or illness.

You don’t have to be able to swim to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. Access is by steps or a hoist and then most exercises are done while standing, sitting or holding onto the bar which runs around the side of the pool. A physiotherapist is always present.

We offer:
  • -one-to-one sessions
  • -group sessions for up to four patients
  • -“self-manage” sessions for patients who have finished their hydrotherapy treatment programme but want to continue their exercises in our warm water pool (vs the cool water of their local pool).


Available at: 
  • -Spire Roding Hospital
  • -Spire Hartswood hospital