Patient Education

Posterior Cruciate Ligament

Posterior Sag sign of the tibia due to a PCL tear.
The PCL is one of four main ligaments which hold the femur and tibia together. The PCL's main job is to keep the tibia from falling too far back (posteriorly) from the femur.

What can I expect following my surgery?

Rehabilitation is an essential element of your recovery. The success of your PCL reconstruction is not only determined by an expert surgeon, but also by following a rigorous rehabilitation program.

The program involves:

  • -Immediate knee motion following surgery.
  • -Strict, immediate exercises .
  • -Crutches for about 6 weeks.
  • -Protection against strenuous hamstring exercises for 5 to 6 months.
  • -Running, if desired, 6 months after surgery.
  • -Return to sport activity, if desired, 8 months or more after surgery .