What Is An Orthopaedic Surgeon?

Mr. Ahmad Ali is an orthopaedic consultant and surgeon specialising in complex knee, shoulder, and hip conditions. Definitions of titles:

MD = Doctor of Medicine (M.D. from the Latin Medicinae Doctor meaning “Teach of Medicine” is a degree for physicians and surgeons.

M.Sc. = Masters of Science degree

M. Ch. Ortho = Master of Surgery in Orthopaedics, post graduate education and training

FRCS = Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons is a professional qualification to practise as a senior surgeon in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

Trauma = Specialty training in musculoskeletal emergency and trauma treatments and care.

Orthopaedic – Specialty focuses on musculoskeletal injuries and diseases.

Sports Medicine – Clinical and surgical expertise to treat athletes at all levels.

EBOT = European Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Ph.D. = Doctor of Philosophy, (for the Latin philosophiae doctore or doctor of philosophiae), in many countries is a postgraduate academic degree.